Synagogues and other Jewish institutions in France have recently been the target of violence, presumably a fall out of reactions to the recent incursions in the West Bank. I don’t understand how people can take out their anger at someone just because they happen to be of the same race, or color, or gender as someone they disagree with. The French government is doing what it can, and has deployed about 1,100 men and women to protect these sites, but they say they don’t know whether that will prevent all attacks
Read: Ecole Juives et Synagogues Sous Haute Protection.

Violence from the Middle East continues to spread. Bush II, under criticism for his stoicity, is trying to back-pedal as best he can. Here is an interesting analysis of his policy since September 11th: Bush Doctrine Begins to Blur.

Elsewhere, Javier Solana, the EU foreign minister, has a simple solution: Arafat and Sharon should both step down if there is going to be a real step forward: Solana: Sharon and Arafat both should go.

Sharon doesn’t quite seem ready to go, though. He’s offering Arafat a one-way ticket out of Ramallah. No go, says Arafat. Well, that possibility is now seeming like a probability, what with the rumors that Colin Powell himself is looking to relocate Arafat to Morocco. The Moroccans are saying yes, but without his entourage. Check it out: Morocco said ready to grant Arafat asylum.


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