Although I didn’t vote for Bush II (and would not, should he run again) I have to give him one thing over his predecessors: his cabinet is the most diverse we’ve had. Today, the president announced his nominees for Surgeon General and Head of the National Institutes of Health. As is customary, the president selected people who share his views on the state of medical research, but what’s interesting is the background of the nominees. The SG candidate is Richard Carmona, a hispanic trauma surgeon. Some cynics have argued that this appointment is yet another way to pander to the hispanic vote ahead of the November elections. But Bush also nominated as NIH candidate Elias Zerhouni, an Arab-American whose last position was at Johns Hopkins University. And I haven’t heard anyone claim that Bush was after the Arab-American vote. Ha. These two appointments are obviously crucial for the future of stem-cell research, policy on biological threats, cloning, etc.

Read more about Carmona here and about Zerhouni here.


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