Alex and I hosted our usual get-together tonight for the Oscars. It was more interesting than years past, with at least a couple of upsets (Jim Broadbent? Who saw that one coming?) I suppose the big deal this year is that two black performers have won for leading roles. Denzel Washington’s win was long overdue, after five nominations. Halle Berry’s was more of an upset, because so many people expected Sissy Spacek to win, but Berry did win the SAG a couple of weeks ago and that probably won her last-minute voters. I wish she wouldn’t have made as big of a deal in her acceptance speech about the fact that she’s the first black actress to win. That stuff would have been better suited for the post-awards press conference. She did a good job, and she deserved to win on her merits–that’s what the speech should be about, and the last thing she would want is to lessen her achievement by making it look as though it was a political move on the Academy’s part to vote for her.


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