How could she possibly not have known?

Junge was one of Adolf Hitler’s secretaries. She took down his last will and testament. She was in his bunker when he committed suicide in 1945. She has just published her book, Through The Final Hours, which was based on notes she compiled in 1946. She herself died in the night of Sunday to Monday, hours after a long-awaited and widely publicised documentary on her life was given its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. (…) Junge insisted that Hitler and other Nazi leaders “practically never mentioned the word Jew” in her presence, even though it was while she was working for the Fuhrer that his regime killed most of the 6m Jews who died in the Holocaust. She said she only found out about the Holocaust after the war, and then felt wracked with guilt for having liked “the greatest criminal who ever lived”.

The story of Traudl Junge
Interesting parallels between that silence and the many other resounding silences around the world, at other times, and even now.


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