Two bad ideas in one day:

President Bush said on Monday he was willing to consider Saudi Arabia’s request to return on a case-by-case basis the 100 Saudis who are among 158 Afghan war detainees at a U.S. base in Cuba, but U.S. officials doubted this would happen any time soon.

Bush Willing to Consider Returning Saudi Detainees. Apparently, not all Arab fighters in Afghanistan are equal. And…

President Bush said on Monday the United States will help train a new Afghan military but made clear to Afghan leader Hamid Karzai he would not commit U.S. troops to peacekeeping in the remote Central Asian country.

Bush Says U.S. Will Help Set Up Afghan Military. Because that’s what a war-torn country with no infrastructure, no hospitals, no schools for women really needs: a U.S.-trained military.


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