dumas au pantheon, greene in crosshairs

Today’s news brought this item which tells of how Alexandre Dumas’s remains have been moved to the Pantheon (where Voltaire, Rousseau, Hugo, and other luminaries are interred.) This being the 21st century, there was a mini-controversy about the move, sparked by allegations he was a womanizer (gasp!) and has used helpers (Cela, where are you?). The news story brought back fond memories of sitting on my bed reading Le Comte de Monte Cristo when I was a kid (and loving every word of it.)
Elsewhere, the Guardian has an interesting story on Graham Greene. Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show how the FBI spied on Greene and labeled him “anti-American”. Greene’s book The Quiet American has been recently adapted for the big screen (by Philip Noyce) and released by Miramax. Can you imagine if someone wrote a novel kind of like The Quiet American, but about current U.S. policies in the Bush administration’s “war on terror”? Anyone have an extra “anti-American” label lying around?