day 9 and 10 – monday and tuesday

On Monday we drove all the way from Seattle to Ashland. We made very few stops along the way, and got to Ashland at about 5. We walked to Bloomsbury Books and looked around. I found the complete stories of Flannery O’Connor in one volume, so I bought it. I started reading it that same night. She’s probably one of my favorite short story writers–she observes all her characters with the same merciless eye.
Tuesday was another full day of driving, from Ashland, Oregon to Santa Rosa, California. We took only one detour, and that was to Mount Shasta, which was amazing this time of year. It was again a very sunny, warm day, but there was snow still. We took a short hike on the snow, and then ate lunch on a log. The birds kept swooping down trying to steal our food, so we had to finish quickly.
We arrived at my sister’s house around 6 pm, and spent the evening playing with the kids.