day 6 – friday

We rode the Monorail to the Experience the Music Project today. When we got there we discovered that the price of admission was $20 per person. A bit stiff for a museum, but it was sort of an all-day experience, so it was worth it. They gave us walkmen, and we could point the device at any artifact in the exhibits and hear more about it. There were also lots of songs you could listen to, of course, and you could bookmark them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean you can then buy a CD made of the MP3s you bookmarked, so I’m not sure why they provided the feature. The Jimi Hendrix exhibit was particularly impressive, as was the interactive exhibit on the top floor, where you could learn to play instruments. I found out that I was more of a drums sort of a girl and that I sucked at the piano. We also tried our hand at vocals (“Smells like teen spirit”). Yes, we were awful.
By the time we finished, it was already getting dark so we hurried over to get dinner before catching the latest James Bond in the downtown area.