day 4 – wednesday

We took the car to Washington Park today and visited the Japanese Garden. It was very reminiscent of some of the gardens we saw along the Philosopher’s Stroll in Kyoto. The park was actually quite large, and breathtakingly beautiful, especially now that it’s fall and all the warm reds and yellows were mixing with the greens.
Later we drove around and happened upon a sign that said Pittock Mansion, so we went ahead and took the road leading there. It was a good idea, as the house is very much part of the history of Portland. It was built by Henry Pittock, one of the owners of the Oregonian newspaper. The grounds were especially impressive, with views of Mount Hood and other Oregon peaks. Highlights of the house itself include light switches, an intercom system, and an electric dumb waiter (the house was completed in 1914!)
By nightfall we met with one of Alex’s hiking buddies (from the PCT Trail) and we went to Kennedy School. This used to be an elementary school and then it was bought over and turned into a bed and breakfast, restaurant, bar, movie theatre, etc. If you’ve ever wanted to have a drink in the detention room, this is the place for you. The restaurant was pretty good.