The enemy in our midst: Group Says U.S. Expert Believed Behind Anthrax Attacks:

The anthrax attacks in the United States were probably the work of a member of a U.S. biological warfare program, the magazine of environment pressure group Greenpeace Germany reported Wednesday.(…) “The U.S. delegation believe it is an inside job… Their members also have more information than has been made public,” Kirsten Brodde, a reporter for the magazine, told Reuters.

I have to say that I’ve suspected all along that the anthrax attacks are from a domestic terrorist, because the messages that were sent looked so much like what the average American might think one of those “folks” (as our President calls them) might have written (complete with “Allah is Great” and “Death to Israel”…they sure don’t get any points for creativity.) I’ll keep an eye of this story.

In related news: Inside the Army of God:

Last Thursday, about 200 abortion clinics and advocacy groups received Federal Express packages containing a white powder and a letter saying the powder was anthrax. “Enclosed is anthrax, the real thing, very high quality,” read a letter received by Dr. Morris Wortman, an obstetrician-gynecologist who performs abortions as part of his practice in Rochester, N.Y. The letter, like many of the others, was signed “The Army of God” – the name of a militant anti-abortion group whose members have carried out attacks on abortion providers since the mid-1980s. None of the letters turned out to contain real anthrax. The FBI is looking into a claim that the letters were sent by Clayton Waagner, a fugitive anti-abortion militant with ties to the Army of God. Waagner, 44, has been on the run since February, when he escaped from an Illinois jail where he was awaiting sentencing on federal weapons charges.


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