A few days ago, I talked about this new Eid Stamp that the USPS put out on September 1. It took five years to get it issued, and if it doesn’t sell out, it is unlikely that the USPS will issue it again in coming years. This stamp is a symbol of American Muslims’ presence in the mainstream, and a huge step for this community.

So you can imagine my shock when I read about a backlash against the stamp, in a Washington Post article:

Mekeel’s and Stamps Magazine, a weekly philatelic newsletter, ran editorials this month and last month against using the Eid stamp, citing the terrorist attacks. The newsletter urged Muslims and others to instead support the United We Stand stamp, which depicts a U.S. flag. Last weekend, the Free Congress Foundation, a conservative policy group, asked Republican congressional leaders to retract the stamp.

And then on Yahoo! news, one reads that:

“We chose [the letters E-I-D because] this is the phonetically correct way of doing it,” Assilmi said. “We chose that having no idea some idiot in California would get Americans to see it as ‘die’, written backwards.”

Geez. How do you spell S-T-U-P-I-D backwards?

Please help us keep this stamp. Why not buy a set of 100? You know you’ll use them to pay for all those bills you’ll be accumulating this holiday season! Call 1 800 STAMP-24 or buy them online!!


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