MAP reports: Israeli University Teachers Sign Petition Against Honorary Diploma to Ariel Sharon.

A group of 37 teachers in the Ben Gourion University in Beersheba (southern Israel) have signed a petition protesting the awarding by the university of doctor-honoris title to Israeli premier Ariel Sharon. “We protest the decision because we believe that such a distinction should not go to a person whose fundamental options are controversial” the signatories said. “One should not laud a man whose life was marked by events like the invasion of Lebanon and the massacre of (Palestinians) in Sabra and Shatila” in 1982, say the petitioners who published their text in the press. The title was officially awarded to Sharon Wednesday for his role in the defense and security of Israel.

Meanwhile, a Belgian court has ‘summoned’ Ariel Sharon before it to answer questions over his role in the 1982 massacres of Sabra and Shatila.

And, of course, a group of Israelis want to file charges against Yasir Arafat in a Belgian court as well.


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