Ever since the US began its food drops in Afghanistan, it has been criticized by most humanitarian aid agencies, including Doctors Without Borders. If you’re still wondering what the fuss is all about, consider the fact that the bombs we are dropping include what are known as “cluster bombs.” About 7% of these types of bombs do not detonate when they land, but, rather, lay dormant on the ground until handled by someone, at which point they explode, killing or maiming the person who touched them. People have criticized the decision to use these bombs, but the Bush administration has argued that they are necessary to the demise of the Taleban.

Imagine that the lottery of birth had willed you to be born in a village in Afghanistan rather than in this country, and imagine that you are trying to get some food for your family, would you know the difference between a bomb and a food packet? Judge for yourself.

It’s very upsetting to me that we are in a situation in which the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing (no pun intended.) Why are they the same color? Couldn’t we have packaged the food in any other color or shape than the bombs? The administration has tried to warn the population through leaflets and radio broadcasts, but if you’re living in a cave, how would you know?


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