Another terrifying sign that we are giving up due process in our mass search for culpability in others: Pakistani Held After September 11 Dies in Cell.

What I found particularly troubling is that, instead of addressing legitimate questions about why a man should die in custody, noone mentioned in the article, least of all the reporter, seems to be concerned that this was an incarcerated man, who was not charged with a crime (except for an INS violation, a violation which makes him the equal of 8 million other undocumented workers in this country), and who died while in custody. The majority of the article is devoted to whether or not he had anthrax and could have passed it on to others. The writer seems to be all too willing to accept the theory that this was a man who had a pre-existing heart condition. I have heard those types of theories before, but from despots who kept political prisoners in third world prisons. I had not expected The Washington Post to not be willing to question them.


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