Quote of the day:

Israel, as any other democratic country, is exerting its right to self-defence and the defence of its citizens.

That’s Ariel Sharon, in response to calls to immediately withdraw his forces from Palestinian territories. Several caveats should have been made to that statement, though. Democratic country, but with a shameful human-rights record, an apartheid-like approach to resources, and an institutionalized practice of torture, if that’s how he defines democracy. Plus, he doesn’t clarify how the other side is supposed to protect its citizens from tanks and bombs.

Sharon adds that:

[Israeli] forces would not pull out from six West Bank towns until the Palestinians had handed over those responsible for killing the Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi.

Ah…well then, we should all expect that he will soon hand over the murderers of the 12-year-old girl who was shot when Israeli tanks barreled in. Plus, Arafat already handed over 20 PFLP members, but that’s not enough.

The whole bloody mess makes me sick. Israelis and Palestinians should just keep a score card of whose turn it is to kill the other, so we can all keep track of this sinister affair.


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