war is a go

It’s a sick game, but I’m sure everyone’s been playing it. Since last September, my friends and I have been making bets on when we’d be going to war. Early on, some said, we’re not going to war, it’s just a distration from the mid-term elections. When the elections went by, some said by mid January. My own pick had been Valentine’s Day. But now Bush says no more diplomacy, and the U.N. inspectors are leaving Baghdad. Looks like we’ll be at war by week’s end. It’s been such an emotionally draining few months that I almost feel numb now. Then I start thinking about all the possible outcomes, the ones we can all imagine and the ones we don’t even dare imagine. The L.A. Weekly’s John Powers addresses that very question:
“If Bush is wrong about invading Iraq…he risks calling down horrors that fill any thinking person with dread: hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, soldiers slaughtered by chemical weapons, bloody civil war in Iraq, terrorist attacks throughout the West, the dismantling of NATO and the U.N., massive instability in the Islamic world, fundamentalists seizing power (and nukes!) in places like Pakistan, worldwide hostility to America and maybe global jihad. If only a couple of these things happen, Bush will be reviled as the man who brought on calamity against the advice of the whole world. [But] What if the invasion doesn’t go wrong? What if it goes “well”? (Actually, nothing so bloody as war can ever truly go well, least of all for its victims.) What if Bush turns out to be right?
The Big What If?


2 Responses to “war is a go”

  1. Farid Says:

    without going in to detail and without wanting to argue about it, i’m one of those people who wants to believe “what if” bush IS right? I personally dont know if he is or not, i just want this whole nightmare, the one that began with 9/11 to be over with already..although i suspect it won’t be the case.

  2. Jos Says:

    If Bush is ever right, I want to be wrong.

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