I just finished drafts of two new stories, and for once I don’t feel like just leaving them in my drawer for another round of revisions. Feedback has been positive, so I’m planning on sending them out to literary journals. I had taken a break from submitting because I wanted to focus on writing, but now I feel the time is right. So we shall see.


6 Responses to “submissions”

  1. Adnan Says:


  2. Don Says:

    Hey MoorishGirl,

    Maybe you answered this earlier, but have you posted your submissions? I would like to read them.


  3. moorishgirl Says:

    Adnan: Thanks.
    Don: No, I haven’t posted them. Someday soon.

  4. Maud Says:

    That’s great news!

  5. hiker Says:

    Good luck!

  6. Ninly Says:

    You’ve another reader here. Lit-life-wise, that is. Bonne chance.

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