I just love the new Red Hot Chili Peppers’s video, the one for “Can’t Stop.” They’ve been playing it a lot on MTV2. I can’t wait for them to start touring.


2 Responses to “RHCP”

  1. Jos Says:

    When I showed this video to my father, all he said was: “What is this crap? Gimme the remote.” My father is great. Sometimes.

  2. moorishgirl Says:

    I have a similar story, but about my mom. She and my dad were visiting this summer, and everytime I’d play the RHCP CD in the car she’d say how much she loved “that guy’s voice.” Then one day I turned the TV on, and they had a Behind the Music on RHCP where they showed older footage. You know, from the “socks” period. She gave me a look and then said, “That’s disguting! How can you watch this?” “This is the guy you like, Ma!” I said. And she said, “I don’t think so. It’s not him.”
    I love you, Mama.

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