a very sad first

I never thought something like this could happen in Morocco, but it has: At Least 20 Die in Casablanca Blasts. One bomb was near a synagogue, one near the Belgian consulate, one near the Casa de Espana, a great restaurant that had become somewhat of a landmark. I actually had dinner there once many years ago.
I wonder whether this will finally turn whatever tide of support the fundamentalist fringe has at the moment in the country. Update from the BBC.


3 Responses to “a very sad first”

  1. sugarkane Says:

    Very sad news. You’re right, this is a turning point. I hope it’s for the better, but right now it’s hard to say.

  2. Jonathan Edelstein Says:

    I was very sorry to hear about this. I hope your family is all right.

  3. moorishgirl Says:

    Thanks Jonathan. My family is here, but those of my relatives who live in Morocco are fine.

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